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Nimi: Hoa
Kehittäjä: Skrollcat Studio
Julkaisija: PM Studios
Lajityyppi: Seikkailu
Julkaisu: Steam (Win, Mac), PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX, Switch: 24.8.2021
KonsoliFIN Pelisivu

Juonnettu pelikuvavideo:

Arvosteluiden mukaan suorituspelaajille 1/5, mutta fiilistelypelaajille 5/5.

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Lauri Koivisto on Hoan orkestroija ja äänisuunnittelija. Tuli vastaan lopputeksteissä.

MEET: LAURI KOIVISTO - Orchestration & Sound Designer

We came to know Lauri during the audition, and despite not ending up as our composer, he checked in on us from time to time, and had been helping Johannes with orchestration of his pieces. We were already familiar with Lauri's work and knew how much he cared about Hoa, that when the need for someone to help with music orchestration & sound effects arose, we knew it had to be him.

Here are some not-so-boring facts about Lauri: Composer/orchestrator/sound designer from Finland. Worked on lots of animations and theater plays. Currently taking private lessons from Norman Ludwin (Jurassic World, Inside Out, Star Trek Into Darkness etc.). “Lover of open-world games, hater of open worlds because you tend to keep finding yourself picking up flowers and fishing although you should be doing the missions...or taking care of your kids in real life.”

How did you join the project? What was your journey with Hoa like?

I orchestrated Johannes’ pieces before joining Hoa. I also did the sound design for the game, did the sheet music and was responsible for the recording session. The team behind Hoa is super professional and really easy to work with. It is a skill for people who don’t work in the music field to express their musical thoughts so clearly!

How would you describe the process of making Hoa's music?

Mine and Johannes’ workflow was that he would send me a piano sketch of the piece and we would then start to think of the structure and the whole feel of the piece. We would go back and forth and then I would start adding the orchestral elements on top of that. Hoa’s music is really calming just like the graphics are but towards the end when the story starts to unfold you start to hear some grittiness as well.

Most exciting/memorable thing from the project?

I must say the recording session. We recorded the string orchestra in Budapest and all the woodwinds were played by Josh Plotner. It’s always chilling to hear live players play your music.

Could you share with us another work of yours that you're proud about?

This is ABIOGENESIS - My Submission for Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2021.

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