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Nyt kaupan erittäin vähälle käytölle jäänyt PS4-lippulaiva. Suurin osa peleistä digitaalisia, mutta voin heittää mukaan Fallout 4 GOTYn ja Skyrim Special Editionin fyysisinä. Saattaa löytyä muitakin pelejä kunhan pääsen varastolle penkomaan, kaupan päälle, tietty. Mukaan kaksi Sonyn alkuperäistä mattamustaa Dualshock 4-ohjainta ja niiden alkuperäinen latausasema. Powerit ja HDMIt tietysti mukaan kauppaan.

Kuitti löytyy,, 18.8.2017, ostettu uutena.


"The biggest, most important modification made in the leap from standard PS4 to PS4 Pro is obviously the upgraded hardware working under the hood. The PS4 Pro almost doubles the amount of horsepower present in the original fat PS4, running at a GPU of 4.2 teraflops compared to the 1.84 teraflops of its 2013 predecessor. This is whats needed to render games at 4K quality, also bringing with it steadier framerates, quicker load times and HDR (high dynamic range)."

"Outside of being able to run games at 4K quality, the PS4 Pro also features an extra 1GB of RAM reserved for non-gaming applications. Thats music to ears of any Netflix or Prime addicts out there, as switching between such applications is suddenly made much snappier. Its also worth noting that since PS4 software update 4.50, a new feature called Boost mode that will dramatically increase the performance of some games across all PS4 systems. It wont reach the heights of 4K, but still results in smoother performance."


Max storage capacity: 1TB
Supports 4K: Yes
Power: 4.2 teraflops
Memory: 8GB
USB Ports: 2
Fan noise level: 50 decibels

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