Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince


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Nyt tuli Reseteraan arvosteluketju. Kopioin tiedot tänne.

Metacritic - 80
OpenCritic - 80

Video Chums - 91
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a masterclass in 2D puzzle platforming. From its beautifully fantastical world to its mind-bending scenarios, you're bound to love every minute of this light-hearted adventure.

Cultured Vultures - 90
Trine 4 is a love letter to fans, providing a fully-realized puzzle game rife with experimentation, quality-of-life features, and utterly breathtaking visuals, all but guaranteeing a bright and beautiful future for the franchise.

IGN - 8.5
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a sequel that plays it very safe – which, in this particular case, is for the better. Coming back to the traditional style of co-op gameplay and puzzle solving that made the first two games so delightful is exactly the kind of refocusing that the Trine series needed after the misfire of Trine 3. Some lackluster puzzle designs, technical issues, and a lack of difficulty stand in the way of it overtaking Trine 2 as the best of the series, but Trine 4 still remains a shining example of how cooperative gaming should be, and is one of the most gorgeous looking 2.5D games of 2019.

Hobby Consoles - 85
A very pleasant adventure that you will enjoy particularly in multiplayer. It recovers the right path from the previous game.

Wccftech - 85
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is an enchanting new highwater mark for developer Frozenbyte, featuring the series’ best controls, visuals, puzzles, and bosses to date. Regular combat still feels a bit tacked on, but overall, Trine 4 remains a puzzle platforming dream.

The Digital Fix - 80
A mesmerising co-op platformer with gorgeous artwork, Trine 4 has a dreamlike fluidity to its gameplay, an enchanting atmosphere and innovative physics-based puzzles, despite the sometimes underwhelming combat.

Hardcore Gamer - 80
The Trine series is one of those that always offers an enchanting, beautiful 2.5D world to explore and challenges to overcome, and the fact the Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince continues this trend is no surprise. It always plays fair, making the player feel like a genius one minute and then utterly helpless the next. It packs plenty of highs, with satisfying moments galore, while offering a charming and family-friendly environment. One does wish that the story and the combat had more real meat, but this isn’t why the series exists. It does what it sets out to do and serves as a fantastic steward to Trine’s good name.

Eurogamer - Recommended
Outrageously pretty and newly refined, Frozenbyte's series finally strikes gold. - 80
Quotation forthcoming. - 80
With this new title, Frozenbyte has chosen to leave aside the semi-disappointing 3D experimentation of the previous part to focus on the 2.5D action / reflection formula that made its success. We find what makes the series so charming, with its enchanting universe, its trio of heroes with complementary capabilities and the opportunity to live this adventure up to four, locally or online. If the regulars of the series will grumble perhaps a little considering the few important innovations proposed by this new episode, Trine 4 remains an independent game very pleasant by his concept, his aspect, his lightness.

Dualshockers - 80
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince stands as one of the strongest games within its own series. - 70
Lively, carefree and supported by a remarkable artistic direction, the fairy tale of The Nightmare Prince has managed to prove itself a fleeting and flowing pastime, albeit less incisive than its predecessors.

Destructoid - 70
It's an easy recommendation for platform fans, but it's also just a plain fun time. It's not revolutionary or trailblazing, but it does what it needs to prove that Frozenbyte hasn't lost its touch. I wouldn't necessarily expect a Trine 5 or anything, but clearly, this series has some life left in it.

Screen Rant - 70
Trine 4 is filled with heartwarming moments in a rich puzzle-platforming adventure that feels like returning to an old story told in childhood.


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Thorny Hedge Maze kenttä meni äsken läpi ja tämä on vanhaa kunnon trineilyä. Mukavia fysiikkapuzzleja.


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Nettikommentteja kun katsoo niin tällä on vaisu vastaanotto kun vertaa vaikka ykkös- tai kakkososaan. Vanhat Trine fanit ovat vissiin saaneet muuta mietittävää.


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Hmm. Näemmä oli boxille kokoelma paketti olemassa. Heitin lataukseen.

Ykkösen pelasin aikanaan läpi. Oli ihan kiva. Muut osat syystä tai toisesta menneet vähän ohi tutkan. Nyt korjataan sekin sitten...


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Joo, tota... Eikö tässä pitänyt olla kaikissa osissa online co-op mahdollisuus, vai olenko täysin väärässä ? Nyt oli tarkoitus kaverin kanssa aloittaa ekasta osasta, mutta suureksi yllätykseksi 1-3 pelit eivät näytä multiplayer vaihtoehtoa alkuvalikossa lainkaan. Youtubesta kyllä löytyy pätkää missä porukalla on se vaihtoehto olemassa. Toki oli pleikkaversio ja itse ostin boxille. En käsitä lainkaan. Onko boxi versiosta.... unohtunut multiplayer ? Wtf ? o_O
Viimeksi muokattu:


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"Currently there is no online multiplayer for Trine 1-3 on Xbox. We are planning to get that patched into the games in the future. Sorry if the information regarding this has not been clear, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!

If you have any other questions, please let us know!"

- Aspa



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Läpi meni! Tässä kun pohdin vuoden top5 listaa, niin tämä menee sijalle 2, jos ykkössijan ottaa Control. Sijoilla 1 ja 2 on suomalaisten tekemä peli, vähän kotiinpäin vetämistä. Keksin vasta pelin loppuvaiheilla miten Amadeuksen levitaatiotömäys tehdään. Eli Pleikkarilla kun ollaan luotu esine, painetaan molempia liipaisimia ja sitten ympyrä.


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Täällä odotellaan milloin tulisi boxille se nettipeli...

Voi olla että täytyy perua kyllä tuo ostos jos ei nyt muutaman viikon sisään ilmaannu. Kohtahan sen saa jo black fridaysta ostettua muutamalla egellä :rolleyes:


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Eipä näy multiplayeria boxin puolella, eikä microsoftin mukaan voi enään palauttaa koska on kulunut yli 14 päivää o_O Kyllä aika paskan maku jäi suuhun tästä keissistä.
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